Morning Post for Dec. 18, 2014

McCrory fires back: The day after the Associated Press reported that Gov. Pat McCrory received a six-figure stock payout from an online mortgage broker after he took office, McCrory went on the offensive, calling the article “partisan drive-by journalism” and a “disservice to the public.” Read McCrory’s point-by-point rebuttal of the AP investigation here.

Timeline of events: To better visualize the timing of McCrory’s Tree.com stock payout in relation to his appointments to the state Banking Commission, check out this useful timeline from the Associated Press…


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Morning Post for Dec. 17, 2014

McCrory stock payout raises ethical questions, to say the least: The AP reports that Gov. Pat McCrory was given a special $171,071 stock payout by the board of Tree.com (the Charlotte-based corporate parent of the website LendingTree) after resigning early from the board following his election victory. The payout raises red flags in particular because, in the months following the payout, McCrory appointed eight commissioners to the agency charged with regulating mortgage brokers and investigating complaints against them…


Morning Post for Dec. 16, 2014

The voter turnout factor: New analysis shows that voter turnout was better for Democrats in 2014 than in 2010, but still fell short for Hagan. Read more.

Keep an eye on Carson, Clinton: According to a new Public Policy Polling poll, Ben Carson is the leading choice among North Carolina Republicans for 2016. Read more.


Morning Post for Dec. 15, 2014

Koch 101: ThinkProgress has a look at the Bill of Rights Institute curriculum material recommended by the NC Department of Public Instruction for a new, required Founding Principles class. The materials offer a highly selective version of American history, and claim controversy exists over several constitutional amendments that, among legal scholars and the general population, are noncontroversial. Read more.

UNC-CH professors call on state to reject partisan curriculum: Read the letter, signed by 38 members of the UNC-Chapel Hill History Department, here.

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