Young people in Raleigh approved of this parking job.

Morning Post for April 1, 2015

NC Central students campaign to preserve Institute for Civic Engagement: The institute is among the centers slated for closure by the UNC Board of Governors. Similar to UNC Chapel Hill’s Poverty Center, the Institute for Civic Engagement does not utilize state funding. Though the Institute is nonpartisan, it works to drive voter registration and participation in a largely Democratic district. Read more.


Meanwhile, in another state capital, the local paper does this

Morning Post for March 31, 2015

House takes aim at Trinity City Council: The House approved House Bill 263 Monday night, a bill that would ensure that at least three of the current Trinity City Council members do not return to office later this year. Rep. Pat Hurley (R-Randolph), the bill’s sponsor, said that the legislation was in response to decisions made by the current council that went against the wishes of local residents. Read more.

Think Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law is bad? The ‘religious freedom’ bill pending in the North Carolina state legislature is worse. The proposed bill differs from ‘religious freedom’ laws in most other states in that it makes it easier for individuals to claim their religious beliefs are being burdened by leaving out one key word. Facing South has more here.

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Morning Post for March 30, 2015

Bill would increase teaching loads for UNC system professors: Senate Bill 593 would tie professors’ pay to the number of classes they teach, requiring UNC professors to teach at least eight courses during each academic year. Read more.

When the Azalea Festival visits the capital.

Morning Post for March 27, 2015

Good Morning, don’t mope. It’s just a sports game.

Nearly 200 bills were filed yesterday in the runup to the NC Senate’s filing deadline. Check back over the weekend for a full rundown.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Florida’s ‘climate change’ language ban? Ask NC what that’s like

While the nation scorns Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott for banning his Department of Environmental Protection from using the terms “climate change” or “global warming,” it’s important to remember that North Carolina preceded the Sunshine State by about two years in censoring climate speech…


Food insecurity in North Carolina

As we stuff our refrigerators with Thanksgiving leftovers and compile shopping lists in preparation for a month of holiday feasting, it is humbling to reflect on grim statistics that rank North Carolina among the most hungry states in the nation…

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