Morning Post for Nov. 25, 2014

Good morning, this is the last Morning Post before we take off for a few days to enjoy Thanksgiving. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and breaking news stories in the meantime. We’ll return to business as usual next Monday.


Workers march for higher wages at annual Historic Thousands on Jones St. rally. Feb. 8, 2014.

Morning Post for Nov. 24, 2014

House Republicans choose Tim Moore as new speaker: “I am committed to improving North Carolina through greater economic opportunity, less burdensome regulations and a new vision for educating and equipping our students,” Moore said in a news release Saturday. Read more.

McCrory, Moore, talk pork: The literal kind, not the political variety. Read more.

The great Southern gerrymander: A report from the Institute for Southern Studies shows North Carolina Democrats continue to be underrepresented in Congress. In the midterms, 44 percent of voters selected a Democratic candidate for U.S. House, while 55% voted for a Republican. This should have translated into a delegation of 6 Democrats and 7 Republicans but, with redistricting, resulted in a delegation of 3 Democrats and 10 Republicans. Read more.


Morning Post for Nov. 21, 2014

Court orders some NC legislator emails related to elections law overhaul released: A federal judge ruled on legislative confidentiality in three challenges to the state’s new voting laws Thursday, deciding that state lawmakers are not required to turn over their communications with other legislators and staff but must hand over correspondence with third parties. Read more.

NC House Republicans to choose new leader on Saturday: House Republicans will meet in Asheboro to elect Thom Tillis’ sucessor as House Speaker. Six state lawmakers are currently in the running for the title, including Rep. Tim Moore of Kings Mountain and Rep. Leo Daughtry of Smithfield. Read more.

Molotov Mitchell goes out in style: “Had we been in a district that hadn’t been drawn up to contain the most hardcore, Birkenstock-wearing, Che Guevara-loving socialists this side of Leningrad, we would have won, too,” Mitchell said in an email to his supporters. Read more.


Morning Post for Nov. 20, 2014

Obama to announce immigration reform plan: President Obama will announce long-awaited executive action on immigration reform Thursday evening that could protect roughly five million undocumented immigrants from deportation. Read more.

Will NC redistricting maps be sent back to the drawing boards? NC Policy Watch looks at arguments in Alabama’s redistricting case and the possibility that North Carolina’s gerrymandered maps will be overturned. Read more.

Bradshaw concedes: Republican John Alexander maintained a less-than-1-percentage-point lead over former Raleigh Mayor Tom Bradshaw after a recount in state Senate District 15 was completed. Read more.

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