Morning Post for Oct. 30, 2014

In NC, Swain County benefited most from Obamacare: The New York Times has an interactive map up that shows the change in insured Americans resulting from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In Swain County, the uninsured rate dropped by 11 points from 25% to 14%. Note, on the map, the difference in results in states that opted out of expanding Medicaid. Read more.

McCrory “quietly skewing” workers’ comp system: Recent appointments to the NC Industrial Commission, the group that has the final word on workers’ compensation disputes, have raised questions about the independence of the commission. Sources inside the commission told Indy Week that the changes amounted to “a political takeover” and a deck stacked in favor of employers and insurance companies. Read more.

Precinct judge fired over letter to the editor: “If you don’t know the Bible, American history, our Constitution, the history of socialism/communism and current events, you are an uninformed voter and should not vote,” Janice Wangard wrote in a letter published in the Greensboro News & Record. Read more.



Morning Post for Oct. 29, 2014

Hagan needs ground game: The Hill writes that a ground game advantage for Hagan a few weeks ago would have been “icing on the cake,” but the race has tightened in the runup to Election Day. Read more.

From the mouths of babes: A third-grade student at Vance Elementary wrote in a letter to Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis: “I’ve been watching your ads on tv and have a few questions. Why aren’t you talking about ways you will help us? All I hear in your ads are you saying mean things about each other.” The letter ends with an important question: “Will you act like this after the election?” Read more.


Morning Post for Oct. 28, 2014

Request your absentee ballot today: The deadline to submit an absentee ballot request form is 5 p.m. today. More information about absentee voting by mail here.

Newspaper endorsement roundup: Find out who newspapers across the state are backing here.

Know your rights: Democracy NC has a list out of 15 useful tips on voting, vetted by the State Board of Elections. Read more.


Morning Post for Oct. 27, 2014

283,758 ballots cast in first three days of in-person early voting: 49 percent by registered Democrats, 30 percent by Registered Republicans and 20 percent by unaffiliated and Libertarians. Read more. The Daily KOS reports that Democrats’ early voting advantage this year is even stronger than it was four years ago. Read more.

App State early-voting site popular, as expected: The site leads Watauga County in total early ballots cast. More than 2,600 people voted in the county during the first two days of early voting. Of those, 1,124 ballots were cast at the ASU site. Read more.

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AT LONG LAST — The Great North Carolina BBQ Map

Like all great inventions, it began with a great need. Amanda Fisher and Paul Bright of Charlotte enjoy taking back roads when they travel, discovering hidden treasures and seeking out-of-the-way eateries, especially the ones that serve barbecue. Wishing for a comprehensive guide to make trip planning less time consuming, they realized that they would have to create one for themselves…


Don’t pet the furry caterpillars

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Meadow Lane Farm to host Dinner in the Meadow on Sunday, September 21, 2014

Louisburg’s Meadow Lane Farm will host its first Dinner in the Meadow on Sunday, September 21, 2014 to raise money for the Leonard-Mobley Small Farm Fund.

Named to honor the memory of farmer and educator Marjorie Leonard and Jerry Stephen Mobley, a Department of Agriculture livestock specialist, former president of the Durham Farmer’s Market Board of Directors, and proprietor of Meadow Lane Farm, the fund was recently established as a granting agency to support the development and long-term sustainability of small farms in North Carolina…

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