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Morning Post for November 26, 2015

Good morning, a look at where your Thanksgiving food comes from and a few essays to chew on, plus the usual NC madness. Have a swell holiday, friends. We’ll be back on Monday.


At the Thanksgiving welcome for refugees in Greensboro - via Triad City-Beat

Morning Post for November 25, 2015

Good morning, refugees welcomed in the Triad, Board of Election chair resigns, McCrory joins the bathroom monitors, Folwell eyes Treasurer race, firepower is easy and the Eastern Band considers legalizing it.


Morning Post for November 24, 2015

Good morning, GOP primary for governor gets more possible,  electoral apartheid, IT chief logs out, Henson Barnes dies, the coast gets more armored and the feds warn DHHS again.

Number of grocery stores that are SNAP authorized by county - via USDA (2012)

Morning Post for November 23, 2015

Good morning, bathroom politics in the Gov race, Carteret OKs offshore drilling, Rucho and Dollar, a terror anniversary and High Point, Asheville and Fayetteville police have something in common with Greensboro.

NC jobless rate falls to 5.7 percent, same as last year’s

The state’s October unemployment rate dropped to the same place it was a year earlier, as economists say they see growth trends. From The Charlotte Observer: The state jobless rate dropped from 5.8 percent in September to 5.7 percent in October, the same as it was one year ago, the N.C. Commerce Department reported Friday. […]

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Climate skeptics? There’s an app for that

If climate change, global warming, sea level rise and related matters are among the subjects destined for a dinner table clash this Thanksgiving, you might want to go prepared.

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