Hurricane Joaquin wind speed map as of this morning

Morning Post for October 1, 2015

Good Morning, big winds and soggy ground are a devastating combo. Most of the state is under a flood watch. Could get rough. Stay safe, everybody.

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What the new Immigration bill means for NC immigrants

Certain provisions in the new “Protect North Carolina Workers Act” restrict forms of identification for non-citizens and ban counties and municipalities from having “sanctuary city” policies that limit enforcement of immigration laws. In an article from this week, the Charlotte Observer unravels the hefty act and some of its sneaky provisions. Charlotte Observer – Immigration […]

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Conference report on H765 released

Here's the conference report on H765, the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015, released on Thursday, September 24. Adoption of the report is on the Senate … More

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Cheers! September is ‘Wine Month’ for NC

While the craft beer industry is rapidly growing in the state, the wine and grape scene is not one to be overlooked says a new interview by WFAE. The wine business in North Carolina is growing quickly. Sales are skyrocketing and have eclipsed the state’s better-known craft beer industry. From 2011, when we last talked […]


Drunk driving, ride sharing and other NC road things

NC stories involving cars has been abundant lately although with the recent suspensions in drivers education in Wake County may make them irrelevant to the younger crowd. Here are a couple of automobile-related stories from the news today. Insurance Journal: North Carolina Lawmakers Send Ridesharing Regulations to the Governor The North Carolina legislature gave its […]

Ten years later, woman from Katrina settles in North Carolina

With the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina this month, many are talking about the effects of the hurricane today. One woman from Louisiana has found a home in North Carolina a decade later. Tina Anselmo was just one of the thousands who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The former restaurant owner left her native […]

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