One of the many items in H765 causing heartburn at DENR

Morning Post for July 1, 2015

  Good Morning, everybody’s taking a few days off. Then six more weeks of budget. Bleh. Elections & Politics • Greensboro fight goes on: The House vote not to concur with the Senate’s decision to redo Greensboro’s government isn’t the end of the battle. Not by a long shot. Read more. • Hey! Over here!: […]

Meanwhile, down in the NCGA parking garage.

Morning Post for June 30, 2015

Good morning, a temporary budget, the Stones are in town and the Senate revives previously defeated golden oldies of environmental protection rollbacks .

Won't be long now

Morning Post for June 29, 2015

  Good Morning, winter’s coming on. Elections & Politics • Bikers riled: New state law would restrict what cities can do to add bike lanes. Get ready to rumble. Read more. • Continuing Solution: House and Senate leaders are working out a temporary spending plan to keep the gov’t running while negotiations continue on the […]

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Morning Post for June 24, 2015

  Good Morning, long hot summer already. Record set at RDU for days in a row over 95. Elections & Politics • Hagan won't challenge Burr, … More

Morning Post for April 30, 2015

Good Morning, civil disobedience, arrests and an after-midnight House session. Just like old times. Elections & Politics • While you were … More

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Morning Post for May 5, 2015

Good morning, Lawsuit over fracking rules, bill to eliminate background checks for handgun purchases, cow pies along the French Broad and about that I-77 toll contract.


Burr, Tillis explain themselves for signing Iran letter

Both of North Carolina’s Republican U.S. senators joined 45 others last week in signing a letter to Iran’s leaders, in an attempt to undermine a nuclear deal between Iran and the Obama administration. Outrage ensued. President Obama said he was embarrassed for them.” In the Washington Post, retired Major Gen. Paul D. Eaton called the […]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Florida’s ‘climate change’ language ban? Ask NC what that’s like

While the nation scorns Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott for banning his Department of Environmental Protection from using the terms “climate change” or “global warming,” it’s important to remember that North Carolina preceded the Sunshine State by about two years in censoring climate speech…

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