McCrory’s higher ed comments spark controversy

It didn’t take long for Governor Pat McCrory’s comments on higher education on Bill Bennett’s radio show to start a firestorm of criticism, especially when Bennett, former Education Secretary under Ronald Reagan, brought up gender studies, a favorite target of his. The governor took the bait. Via WRAL: In response to a dig that Bennett […]

What’s next for Dix?

The Raleigh Public Record has a story this morning about the future of the Dix property and planning for the park. One thing for certain is that it’s going to be a while. “I think it’s really important for a community that is taking on, effectively, a brand new 300-acre park to realize how long […]

Fracking panel vice-chair on the industry, cleanup projects and his objections to advisory panel

A key story this morning from the Winston Salem-Journal State Mining and Energy Commission vice chair George Howard has a perspective on fracking that’s unique to his peers on the commission. As head of Restoration Systems LLC his company restores areas damaged by the practice. The Journal takes a long look at Howard, including his […]

Breaking barriers: big turnaround for Fort Bragg couple

NBC first reported yesterday that Ashley Broadway, who was rejected by a spouses group at Fort Bragg because she is in same sex relationship with her active duty partner, was named the base’s Spouse of the Year. Via the National Broadcasting Company yesterday: In the online election held Tuesday, Broadway captured the Fort Bragg vote […]

Record low high at RDU

The big winter storm that rolled through this week may not have been as bad as it could have been, but it did set one record. RECORD EVENT REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE RALEIGH NC 330 AM EST SAT JAN 26 2013 …RECORD LOW MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE TIED AT THE RALEIGH-DURHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT… THE MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE YESTERDAY…JANUARY […]

Protest at DOT over licenses for the Dreamers

With the ruling by Attorney General Roy Cooper that undocumented immigrants who qualify for the new federal deferred action status are entitled to a state issued driver’s license. Via Progressive Pulse: About 50 young people gathered on a frigid morning outside the offices of the state Department of Transportation in downtown Raleigh today to protest the […]

Sorry about the mess

The thief who robbed a Fayetteville youth activity center left a note apologizing for the crime. It read: Sorry about the mess and the drywall damage. I think what you are doing here is a good thing. Heartwarming Fayetteville Observer — Thief leaves “sorry” note after stealing youth sports equipment from Fayetteville center

Underwater pinhole photos

Via NC Coastal Federation’s Coastal Review Online, a story about an artist photographing North Carolina piers using a pinhole camera: First the viewer must imagine a camera made from a pineapple juice can fitted over a wafer cookie tin, fishing line, black rustproof spray paint, waterproof putty, a Cheerwine can and 3.5 pounds of fishing […]

McCrory should step lightly on the environment

To avoid getting a bad environmental rap, the governor is going to have to steer very carefully through treacherous currents of anti-environment agendas floating around the N.C. General Assembly these days. If he doesn’t work hard to moderate these agendas, McCrory may end up signing some very bad environmental laws that define his environmental record.