Not in NC, but in Massachusetts. The CEO of WMAC a public radio affiliate that covers the western part of the state has penned an extensive blog post about Taylor. It’s quite amazing. Here’s a snippet:

What Massachusetts needs now is a hero — someone who every working man and woman can relate to; someone from outside of the political class.

I believe that James Taylor is that person.

JT, who famously followed that road “from Stockbridge to Boston,” is as much of a hero to the people of the Bay State as General Henry Knox was.

Not only is he one of the most celebrated singers in the world who can fill any stadium, but he is also a brilliant thinker and, most of all, a person who can relate to the problems we all face in life. He has gone head to head with his own personal demons and stands as a symbol for each of us who struggles with our own issues. He is us and he will win overwhelmingly.

Chalk up another celebrity/politics hybrid story to Politico.

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