A video released by Republican opposition research firm America Rising of questions asked by state Rep. Verla Insko (D-Orange) during an Affordable Care Act hearing last week has been taken out of context by some conservative blogs.

In the video, Rep. Insko seems to ask Dr. Chris Conover out of the blue about what percentage of prostate cancer patients are women, leading some viewers to assume Insko was asking a serious question.

As Insko makes clear in a statement posted to her facebook page, the question was asked in order to make a point about health insurance coverage for women’s health issues.

I understand the video of my question to Dr. Chris Conver about what percent of women have prostate cancer is making the rounds on Facebook. Here is the response I wrote this morning to an email calling me a moron for not knowing women don’t have prostates.

Dear steven200,

I regret I was too subtle for you.

Yes, I know women don’t have prostates. Men don’t have a uterus. Men complain that their insurance covers maternity care and child birth. The health insurance plan I have is the same as male state employees. I’m not complaining that my insurance covers treatment for prostate cancer or Viagra or testosterone. I don’t have Type 1 diabetes, never have, never will. I’m not complaining that my insurance pays for Type 1 diabetes.

The idea behind all insurance is that we pool our health risks – all our risks – and our money to cover all the risks. If I am truly a moron; what does that make you? Really! Please find a better way to spend the precious time that is your life. Go solve a problem.

Verla Insko